Face Masks In Stock - all sizes

Please note: This is NOT an N95 grade surgical mask and is NOT designed for a medical situation. We cannot guarantee wearing this mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contraction of a disease.

* Our masks are '3D' which provides for excellent fit and keeps the fabric further from your nose and mouth.

* They comprise a layer of 100% merino sandwiched between 2 layers of 100% cotton.

* For general use these 3 layers are sufficient, but our masks also incorporate a filter pocket for you to put your own filter into if you wish - even handee-towels would do as extra protection here.

* They feature a removable nose wire to ensure no gaps and keep your glasses from fogging up!  All styles of nose wires are prone to breakage eventually so it is important to be able to easily replace this.  We are awaiting shipment of aluminium strips - until then we are using aluminum floristry wire.

*  The 100% cotton knit stretchy ties can be swapped out easily for your preference of ear-bands or head-bands.

Further information regarding Chillibean's facemasks can be found here.