Mask Research

Here at Chillibean we have designed an eco-friendly, natural-fibre mask to incorporate best breathability with the most effective natural filtering fabrics, a good face fit with no gaps, and the option to insert your preferred filter. 

Our masks comprise an inner layer of merino wool, which has natural antibacterial and moisture repellent properties.  This inner layer is sandwiched between tight-weave 100% cotton.  Studies have shown that tightness of the weave is crucial. At a bare minimum, you want the weave to be tight enough that you don’t see the outline of the individual fibres when you hold the material up to light. [i]

Garments made from synthetic materials such as polyester will biodegrade slower, and stay in a landfill longer, than clothing made with natural fibres such as cotton[ii] and merino[iii].

The table beneath has been taken directly from WHO “Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19”, dated 5 June 2020.[iv]